‘Daar praten wij niet over’ (translated: We don’t talk about that) is the graduation documentary of Manna Duk, a film student at the University of the Arts in Utrecht (HKU). The film is a personal research into the psychological struggles her two younger sisters, Suus and Saartje, have experienced, which they never really talked about. Within the film they finally open up about these struggles. With this project, Manna hopes to get closer to her sisters and get a better understanding of them. 
Besides her personal goals, Manna aims to create more empathy for young people struggling with their mental health and inspire others to open up about their own struggles as well. 
As part of the crowdfund campaign for the film I designed the logo and made a riso print as a reward for all crowdfund supporters.
The poster desgin for Manna's graduation film:
Check the instagram and facebook page of 'Daar praten wij niet over' to keep up to date of all developments regarding the process.
Scroll down to read what Manna wrote about her graduation documentairy herself:
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